Sunday 15th May 2022
15th May 2022


Media featuring and advertising in Boast Magazine

Take the opportunity to be featured in the online, print or digital edition of Boast Magazine

Boast Magazine is a premium online monthly business, culture and lifestyle magazine published in England, UK.It offers value-oriented articles on culture, lifestyle and business for those who want to live a content and successful life.It is about successful people who are proud of their achievements in their fields, such as art, business or science, and who are keen to share their thoughts and experiences with others. The magazine showcases valuable businesses and premium quality products. It brings a sophisticated and quality lifestyle to its readers. (More about issue here)

Elegant young gentleman, advertising in Boast Magazine

It supports valuable incentives that make our world better, more beautiful and a better place to live in. It focuses on the good things in life. Boast Magazine is truly unique in the world of media. It is a real oasis, refreshing and relaxing for the mind and spirit. Among its columns, we find gastronomy, cultural and artistic contents, health, travel, leisure, social and society events, business, lifestyle and interior design.

Our readers are roughly 50/50 women and men who strive for a quality life. They typically have higher education and higher salaries. Boast Magazine provide advertising and PR support in our online, digital and print publications. Here you can see our media offer.

You can download our current media offer below, but we are also open to any other kind of cooperation.
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