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5th December 2023

‘Among Petals and Thorns’ by Janette Lart

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Italian Author of the ‘Among Petals and Thorns’ Janette Lart at the London Book Fair

Janette Lart’s work ‘Among Petals and Thorns’ in the showcase of the London Book Fair from 18 to 20 April 2023.

The writer, who made her debut in Italy in 2020 with her first publications, offered a work in English. The novel had participated in the R for Romance literary competition in Bologna in 2021 with the title ‘Even Cacti Have Petals’ and was awarded best female protagonist.

Janette Up

Author Janette Lart

The English-language work, translated by the author, who has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, was published in paperback in February 2023 but was withdrawn from sale by the author a month later. The ebook version generated more than 500 sales, managing to rank among the top thousand in the Amazon ranking.

“My romance contains a message of hope in joy, expressed with sweetness and lightness, with a flower”.

We asked Janette Lart, why she made such an abrupt decision.
“I am an independent person, I don’t like my work to be exploited. If I need a service, I pay for an editorial service, but everything else has to be approved by me. I was happy with the product, but there were problems with lack of clarity and lack of timeliness in communication.” – Janette explained.

– What did the London Book fair represent for “Among Petals and Thorns”?

Among Petals and Thorns by Janette Lart

Among Petals and Thorns by Janette Lart

– The London Book Fair is a worldwide great event, particularly for me it was useful because I was able to contact a new publisher, also self-publishing. The manuscript has been delivered and will be published in a couple of weeks. The ebook version is already available in online stores.

– What would you say in a few words about your latest book?

– It is a romance, a genre of romance fiction. The meaning of ‘Among Petals and Thorns’ is love, also understood as friendship, family relationships, and constructive community. Flowers are the link between the various episodes and the protagonist, Maria, a florist who dispenses messages of affection and friendliness in her shop.

– Why should Among Petals and Thorns be read?

– Because it is a real novel. Often after reading it, I was asked questions about the characters, as if they were real people. I always answered that the feelings narrated are real because I felt all the emotions of my characters.
It should be read because it has a genuine style, it is suitable for everyone, the reader of any age, it contains a message of hope in joy, expressed with sweetness and lightness, with a flower.

– We conclude with an obligatory question: plans for the future?

– I have already published the second part of the sequel in Italian. A novel that deals with violence against women and feminicide. The work was evaluated and included in the exhibition at the International Salon of Turin from 20 to 22 May 2023. I feel very satisfied.

You can find out more about author here: https://janettelart.eu/




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