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26th September 2021

Editor’s note – July

by Jul 4, 2021Editor's note

Editor’s note

Dear Readers,

We have entered the second month of summer and now you are reading the next issue of our online magazine. Warmest greetings to the faithful readers of Boast Magazine and to all those who have just joined us.

The main goal of Boast Magazine is to bring forth the things that make our lives better in relation to our mental and physical health, our relationships, our financial position or the world around us. Nowadays, we are living in a flood of lies and manipulation, and we need an independent medium that adds value to our lives instead of generating nervousness and fear.
I would like it if Boast Magazine became a sort of oasis in many of our lives, which strengthens, calms, makes us happy, makes the quality of our lives better, and gives us good examples of successful living.

In July we present our readers with some cultural information from little-known Asian countries : we write about a special Afghan horse sport, the buschasi, we introduce you to Persian gastronomy and we drive your attention to an extraordinary, more expensive spicy than gold: the saffron
We have some topics from the UK as well for our readers. Renowned NES therapists talk about an effective approach to modern medicine. You can meet Daniel, who creates elegant, traditional English clothing for men.
We show to you how to live in a more environmentally conscious way, when we invite you to Tuscany, a fairy tale place in Italy, to an eco-farm, the Casa Cares.
We also present to you Otilia Nagy, an artist who studied in the art academies of Hungary and India. Her landscapes are a wonderful mixture of the feeling provided by the natural environment and Indian colours and expressivity.

Please join us this month! If you are interested in our magazine you can subscribe to read the all articles, but there will be articles that can be read for free also. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can subscribe now for 5 interviews without charge via the following link: Subscribe

I hope that you enjoy Boast Magazine.
Kind regards,

Borbala K. Edes

Editor in Chief ,
Owner of the Boast Magazine

Borbala K. Edes
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