Monday 4th December 2023
4th December 2023

I Miss The Man He Was…

by Oct 17, 2023Culture & Art, Literature

I Miss The Man He Was

Poem by Mona Schunk

I miss the man I got to know…
Who was always ready to show
his love and care…
Who never left me in despair…
I miss the man who has opened my heart
Who never wanted to be apart
from me…

Nebula. I miss the he was... :oem by Mona Schunk

Who always wanted to see
my face in the morning and at night…
Who’s eyes ever became bright
after each word I said…
Where is he now…? Why keeping me so sad…?
I miss the man who became my life
and asked me to be his wife…
Forever…and after all times end
just to hold on to his hand…
I miss the man I love…who became my inhale..
my starlit night and my shiny day…

Nebula. I miss the man he was... poem by Mona Schunk

When did the hours turn into silence…?
And why that closeness came to fey distance…?
When did my wings froze to be chains…?
Or did just cold winds put out his flames…?

I miss the man who tamed me…
After long years my soul was set free…
I miss him so… it exceeds all pain…
More…like the deserts miss the rain…


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