Tuesday 5th December 2023
5th December 2023

Love It or List It Property Show

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Channel 4 Property Show Casting

Want to be on a TV show and even get expert help for a nicer home environment? Here’s a brilliant opportunity. Take part in Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It programme on Channel 4.

Love It or List It is a 60-minute programme hosted by property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer. Each programme features a family struggling with a common dilemma: their home doesn’t work for them anymore and one side of the family are keen to stay and make their current home better; but the other side of the family want to sell up and move.

Phil and Kirstie from Love It or List It Property Show of Channel 4

Phil and Kirstie from Love It or List It Property Show of Channel 4

Kirstie will try to show the family that they CAN make their current home work by transforming it (Love it). Phil Spencer will attempt to demonstrate to the family that the best way to move forward is by selling up and buying a new home (List It).

Raise the Roof Production

Raise the Roof Production

The programme will see the current home transformed, with the help of a design team led by Kirstie (using the homeowners’ own money) as she shows them that Loving It is best. The couple will also see 3 homes that match as much of their criteria as possible with Phil, as he tries to sway them towards team List It. At the end of the programme when they’ve seen all three houses with Phil and their own home transformation is complete, we will ask what they are going to do: Love it or List It?

More info and application:  recruitment@raisetheroofproductions.com info@raisetheroofproductions.com


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