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15th May 2022

Objectives. A few thoughts on the importance of objectives.

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A few thoughts on the importance of objectives

1) Why Is It Vital To Set Goals?

Goals play a role in our lives like the engine in a car. Even the most expensive, beautiful car loses its true value if it has no engine or a faulty engine.

The engine of life is the goals you set.

As the years go by, you carry heavier and heavier burdens. Our responsibilities increase as we grow up and if we don’t find a goal that drives us forward and motivates us to do more and more, we end up feeling as if there is not a strong enough engine in our lives to get us there. We slow down.  If that engine (the goals) is not in good shape or does not exist at all, the result is that we slow down or stop progressing altogether. If you haven’t had concrete (set in concrete) goals, it’s vital that you change that. Grab a pen and paper and start dreaming. What you write down should be turned into goals.

The engine of life is the goals you set

The engine of life is the goals you set

2) Types of Goals 

In English, goals are most commonly expressed in two words: Goal and Purpose. The difference between the two is that one is a broader, more general, usually physical thing, the other is a motivation that may never be fulfilled but drives us to do an activity on a regular basis.

E.g. One can be a firefighter because their goal is to live their life two weeks on, two weeks off; the Purpose for which they do their job is the feeling they can only have when they can save another person’s life by risking their own.

A student’s goal may be to finish school at the top of his class, but his purpose is to become a doctor and help children.

Separate the two things and formulate both precisely for yourself.

3) Use Goals Every Day

Many people say that we write our goals down once and if we stop looking at them, they will be achieved because the fact that we have written them down starts a process. This theory is also likely to work, but why not act on our goals if there is evidence that it has a result? Writing down our goals just once is like going to a restaurant to look at the menu. The goal is to leave satiated. It takes more than just looking at the menu once.

Writing down goals once won’t necessarily motivate you months later. We change, we meet new people, new interests, new impressions, and our goals and motivation can change a lot in a few months. If we don’t look at our goals regularly – day after day – they can fade to the point where they no longer motivate us at all. If you find that you think about your goals in the morning and it doesn’t get you out of bed, it’s time to look them over and keep writing and dreaming until you find something that gets you going. You get chills or you jump up and start pacing the room impatiently, eager to do something to achieve them. Once you’ve got that feeling, you’ve got to get it into your head what brings it out of you and don’t give up until you’ve achieved it.

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