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5th December 2023

Positeam, Business of the Future

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A revolutionary new business venture in the UK health market

Interview with Krisztina Károlyi, social enterprise and fair trade brand ambassador for Positeam and senior regional sales director in the UK.

Positeam, a Hungarian world patent, has burst onto the European and UK markets this year with a unique form of social enterprise protected by a patent and health products made using technology that draws on ancient alchemy and spiritual teachings.
MMT (Morphogenetic Matrix Technology) SPG technology, cosmic greenhouse pyramid, micronised aromatherapy, liposomal formulas, supercritical CO2, prime source, fair trade network, social entrepreneurship and charity are some of the concepts around which this great enterprise is built.

Kriszta Karolyi Positeam Ambassador UK

Krisztina Károlyi Positeam Brand Ambassador, Regional Sales Director UK

We asked Krisztina Károlyi, the company’s Regional Sales Director UK and Brand Ambassador, about the UK opening.

– Introduce to our readers, please, what exactly is Positeam.

– Positeam Fair Trade Network is the world’s first charity company. This means that, although it is a social enterprise, it is not really like a company, but operates as a charity. It markets its products and thus carries out charitable projects.

Positeam, a fair-trade business

Positeam, a fair-trade enterprise

We aim to make as many people as possible aware of and use our health-promoting products – the innovations we use to make them – and to contribute to their health, while also effectively caring for the daily needs of a young child separated from his or her family. Because if we use the products and use our own experience to recommend them to our friends and acquaintances – and of course, they may be strangers – we are already supporting a charitable cause.

Positeam supports charitable projects

Positeam Fair Trade Network supports charitable projects

Products are sold on a community basis, with the help of members, volunteers and supporters. As a company, Positeam treats each of its members, whether supporter or volunteer, as equal partners who are extremely valued financially. We aim to create a completely new economic approach to distribution, a new type of logic, which we call fair trade.

Rewarded Awareness

Today, more and more people are buying consciously: they are not only looking after their health but also their environment.
Those who do so favour Fair Trade products and choose brands that donate a proportion of their profits to charity, provide welfare for their employees and are environmentally conscious.

Fair Trade Network Patent Label

Fair Trade Network Patent Label

– If I understand you correctly, you are talking about a kind of MLM-based sales. How is this different from other MLM systems?

– Uniquely, Positeam’s Fair Trade Network compensation system not only pays members a commission on sales but also shares the full retail margin and profits from the app with the community from the very first career level. That’s a 30% retail margin, 55% commission, and 100% profit on the proceeds from our hard-to-launch Family Platform App.

Social business enterprises aim primarily to make a positive social or environmental impact. They also aim to provide financial rewards for their employees and workers. Profit is for sustainability.

– Can you tell us about this app?

– The Positeam Family Platform App aims to collect millions of environmentally responsible, responsibly and ethically produced products, goods and services, reaching tens of millions of potential customers. Positeam members receive a weekly share of this total social
business market. I encourage readers to join this great, truly fair system.

Budapest, Positeam Opening Conference

Positeam Opening Conference, Budapest

– What do I need to know about your products? I understand that the founders of the company include renowned doctors who take a holistic view of people and health maintenance…

– Yes. Positeam is not only renowned for its revolutionary, ethical and equitable approach to business but also its health promotion products based on the development and use of unique technologies.

The production of spagyric essences is based on three basic processes: fermentation, distillation and combustion.

For example, the spagyric method is an ancient alchemical method of preparing plant extracts. It involves preparing plant tinctures in the most natural way possible, respecting nature. The advantage of spagyric essences is that they contain not only organic substances but also inorganic substances (minerals, trace elements) and can extract the fully active power and information of the plant during processing. The plants are subjected to a special period in a cosmic greenhouse pyramid, in a balanced environment with optimum light, humidity, temperature and sound frequencies. The best-known element of the spagyric approach is the holistic view that all plants are multidimensional living beings, innately charged with spiritual and physical energies.
For more information please see this short video: Morphogenetic Matrix Technology

Our other patent is micronized aromatherapy, also known as LAVAN technology.

Positeam LAVAN skincare products

LAVAN Positeam skin care products

Our patented liposomal cosmetics contain active ingredients in the form of stabilised droplets that act directly on the cell wall. Thanks to the use of advanced phospholipid technology, the biological activity of each ingredient is altered. In our aromatherapy products, we formulate combinations that can work together to deliver the best results in a specific area. The active ingredients in LAVAN products are mainly plant extracts and essential oils that have been used for centuries and are still used today in beauty care. The first line of defence and the largest surface of our body is our skin. Since it plays an elementary role in protecting us from harmful environmental influences, we must support it properly.

– What exactly are your products? What name should our readers look for them under?

– Frequency Microflora, a live-flora liquid supplement containing billions of live bacteria. Needmax: a liposomal formulation of vitamins C, E and D3 with turmeric, ginger and black pepper extract. Gaian body lotion liposomal body lotion. LAVAN range: micronised aromatic oils, skin care sprays and body butter. I would like to draw the attention of readers to the ‘Smile’ oral care spray, which, when used regularly, helps to remove tartar and strengthen the gums.

Gaian and Frequency products from Positeam

Gaian and Frequency products from Positeam

– Many users of these products have reported extraordinary healing results.

– This is true. A special section on our website presents case studies. One of the most memorable was when children being treated for cancer were attacked by a hospital bacteria. After regular internal and external users of our products, the damaged skin was restored to a condition where skin grafting was possible.

– If our readers would like to join you, where can they find out more about Positeam as a unique form of enterprise?
And where can they order your products?

You can read more about the company and our products here:

Linktree, Positeam

And I can be reached at positeam111040@gmail.com.

– Thank you very much for introducing Positeam. I wish you good luck in the United Kingdom!

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