Tuesday 5th December 2023
5th December 2023

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Two old friends meet in a sunny afternoon after many years. They greet each other happily and warm up instantly. They have so many similar things but one of them has eventually become much more successful. What's his secret? Connections? Luck? None of these... The answer is easy: the successful one is a passionate self developer who is always ready to learn from others.
This magazine in front of you is not only a good read but it is a source of information that gives you the opportunity to learn from the most successful people in the world. What's your decision? Wich friend are you going to be?

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We are interested in culture, business and a sustainable future. We aim to live a valuable life and focus on positive things. We are curious about the thoughts of beautiful minds. We have deep conversations. We resist quick information consumption. We share our ideas and debate our thoughts. Our goal is to grow month by month.

Does this sound good to you? Scroll down and I will show you all the advantages there are in a simple magazine subscription:

Your subscription includes:


Get to know new people who understand your problems, who are facing similar challenges and who have big goals just like you. Let’s meet every three months for an afternoon when we leave our lonely everyday routine behind and meet up with potential clients or business partners. Entry comes with your subscription free of charge.


You can help decide within the closed Facebook group every 3rd month as to who you want to read a private interview with. We meet the chosen person the following 1st or 2nd month and prepare a detailed article with them about their habits and thoughts that only YOU, our subscriber, can read.


This is a unique opportunity with subscriptions. You can join an active community that you can pose any questions to any time. There are no silly questions or initiatives. In this group, we support each other. We share our newest articles and posts published online. In addition, our guest experts hold their live events that you can find any time later.


As long as your subscription is valid, you will have access to all of our articles and videos which are added weekly.


We are working on creating strategic partnerships in order to help you gain unique opportunities. Tickets to VIP events, coupons to elite shops and unique services only for the subscribers of BOAST Magazine.
BOAST Magazine is pioneering in self-development. Our online magazine as well as one-to-one meetings will help you reach your goals. We bring you the knowledge of the greatest mentors, researchers, artists, athletes and businesspersons. We aim to help you with a new approach to self-improvement giving you the knowledge you need in a fast, efficient and easy way. You receive all of that for less than the cost of two cinema tickets.

You can improve the following areas of your life with the help of Boast Magazine:


In the magazine, you will get numerous tips on how to be more efficient every day. How to plan your day? What are the newest available software programs that help you get your tasks done faster and easier? How to use all of those programs? How can you set up your goals more effectively and then reach them?


Whether you are an entrepreneur or employee, more efficient work will result in reaching higher income in your bank account


We visit the most exciting events in the UK and write detailed reports for you. You get the advantage of knowing the newest trends without having to get off your sofa.


We provide our members with an opportunity to share their connections and ideas with each other at a networking event every 3rd month. Meet other people like you.

In the magazine you will find:



Luxury kitchen – Travel – Design & Fashion – Wellness & Beauty – Health

This is a classic but not the usual lifestyle column. Gastronomy, art de cuisine on a high level. What does a maharaja, the Queen, or an Arabic Sheikh eat for dinner? What are the main values of the traditional cuisines? Who are the most well-known chefs? What are the newest trends when it comes to travelling? Who are the most interesting world travellers?

We take you to the most beautiful and extraordinary places you might have never been. In this column, we present you with premium design and fashion brands, stylists, designers, artists, fashion trends and schools as well as inform you of important events from the world of fashion and design.



Literature – Music – Theatre – Sculpture – Architect – Museums – Traditions, Cultural Heritage

Our column on culture and art introduces some outstanding artists and their art from past and present. We take our readers to valuable exhibitions of various fields of art and show you the cultural heritage of European as well as countries far away. We take you to the important events in the world of Architecture and introduce todays most valued architects and their crew. We write reviews on opera, theatre, music and dance and offer a space to aspiring writers and poets.



Start-ups – Property – Business – psychology – Business clubs –
Events and programs

Our business column introduces successful businessmen, enterprises, and innovations in the world of business. Let’s see what is worth investing in, showing you start-ups to remember. We go to the best business clubs and the most important events in the world of business. We follow the latest scientific achievements for an ever-successful business.



Education – Parenting – Literature for children –
Programs with kids

This column is mainly for our readers with a family. Our future is our children. How to educate them, on which school to take them into order to help them become a successful and happy adult? We show you the best children’s literature and events we can attend with our children.



Charity events – Hobbies – Ecofriendlyness – Our soul

This column is about the inner values of our life. What do we need to have a really satisfied and rich life? To be good and to do good. This can be manifested in charity actions, spiritual exercises, mindfulness, eco-friendliness, and taking care of each other. Our writings help our readers live and lead high-quality life.

The name of the owner is a guarantee of quality:

Borbala was born in Budapest, Hungary. She studied classical music for many years, after she started working as a journalist. This has changed her life forever. She was able to conduct interviews with the greatest actor legends and gained an entry pass as a journalist to the events of the elite.

In her interviews, she was always looking for the answer to the question: what is the secret? What made them such a celebrated, successful person, the artist, athlete, scientist or businessperson outstanding in their field making them rise above the rest?

This is the meaning of BOAST. To celebrate the greatest achievements. In this magazine, she will show the good and beautiful things that successful people take their strengths from. Join her journey to discover and present the values in life, our shared values!

They are already our readers:

I try to improve every day in every field of my life. To keep my enthusiasm strong, however, I need inspiration. This is what I get from this magazine every month.
Janos Herczegh

“We really enjoy and value the great variety of in depth articles, covering so many of the topics we are interested in. What an amazing amount of information and entertainment for such a low monthly price! In addition to the great new articles every month there is a wealth of fascinating material from previous issues that can be easily accessed in the archives. Keep up the good work!”
Steve and Andrea Nelson

For the cost of two cinema tickets, it is worth joining even if it is just for the networking. When the master courses made by experts will become available, this subscription will be a real goldmine. I can gain more and more knowledge each month. I love this enterprise!
Christina Jones

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4. You can enjoy the unlimited advantages provided by Boast Magazine as long as you remain a subscriber (you can cancel it any time with just a few clicks).

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It’s important that you can safely view our magazine, so you can read Boast Magazine for free for 30 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time during this time.

Frequently asked questions:

How am I going to receive the Boast Magazine monthly contents?
We send the print magazine via post and give you access to the online articles. You can download the articles as a PDF file from the Boast Magazine website. We will send the link to you.
Is there any hidden cost?
Can I give someone the subscription as a present?
Yes! Choose our gift certificate and surprise your loved ones and friends with this great magazine subscription!
If I don't use every opportunity of my subscription, will I be able to pay less?
No. Choose the package that suits you best.
How can I cancel the magazine subscription?
It’s easy. If you decide to terminate your subscription, just go to your profile, click on cancel. You will no longer be subscribed.
How can I pay the magazine monthly fee?
Through the payment system on the website, via Braintree or bank transfer.
How long am I able to access the magazine?
As long as your subscription is valid. You can also read the previous articles for free online.

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