Tuesday 5th December 2023
5th December 2023

The Healthy Gifts of Grapes

by Sep 4, 2023Dolce vita, Wellness & Health

Nature’s Gift for Beauty and Health: Grapes

Even children know that grapes are the basis of good wine. Many are also aware that the pomace, the residue of the pressed fruit, makes a great brandy. But far fewer people know that this gift of nature is also recognised in cosmetics, beauty and medicine.

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Many doctors recommend drinking a glass of red wine daily, as its beneficial effects have long been known. “Much medicine, little remedy,” they said — as early as the 19th century, there were references to cures based on grapes. It is no wonder since they are a complete food, rich in vitamins A and C, B1 and B2, as well as trace elements necessary for the functioning of the body.

red grapes

They have a great effect on the liver, kidneys and skin, and even work as an excellent weight-loss supplement! The abundance of fibre in grapes improves digestion and helps break down fats. You can lose half a kilo a day, and if you follow a grape diet for a week, you can say goodbye to 3 kilos! The point is that you can eat only grapes for a few days, and up to 3 kilos a day! The calorie value is negligible because 100 grams of grapes contain only 73 kcal! They contain glucose, which not only gives the body energy but also regulates blood sugar levels, thus reducing the craving for sweets. So if you’re in the mood for a snack, grab some grapes!

 man-eating grapes

Your body will be grateful not only inside but also outside for the benefits of grapes. This berry fruit is packed with vitamin E, an antioxidant that greatly reduces the destructive effects of free radicals responsible for wrinkles. It protects cells, improves the condition of blood vessels and reduces the risk of grape-cream pack heart attacks and varicose veins.

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