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4th December 2023

World sensation: They cure serious diseases with a special diet

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Nowadays special diets are becoming very popular. One of them is the paleo –  ketogenic diet that can change our overall health status in a positive way. It can cure diseases that were thought to be incurable such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis. Interview with Mr Dr. Csaba Toth, one of the developers of the new nutrition intervention method.

Dr. Csaba Toth doctor, scientist of paleomedicina

Dr. Csaba Toth doctor, scientist of paleomedicina

A Hungarian medical team developed a nutrition intervention method that has cured a number of people from diseases that had been considered incurable, from Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic intestinal problems. The method is already part of Polish pediatric protocol and is recommended by the biggest diabetic association, of the UK. It is used with great results by Paleomedicina in Hungary and Paleomedicina Scandinavia in Norway. We have talked to Dr. Csaba Toth, leader of the medical team.

It was surprising when an international medical magazine published that for the first time in the world you have managed to restart the insulin production of a Type 1 diabetic patient. How was that possible?

Yes, it was a child who started the paleo-ketogene diet shortly after the diagnosis. We have serious scientific proofs that the diet we suggest can even stop auto-immune processes. Only one diet is able to rehabilitate diabetes and give hope to Type 1 diabetic children – this is healthy nutrition, which is the paleo-ketogene diet. We conduct our researches on basic biological processes in our own laboratory, from our own expenses. We have tens of thousands of laboratory data and imaging examination results. Our work is being cited and followed with attention from the UK to South Africa. We have become internationally known and acknowledged practitioners of the science of nutrition.

There are sceptics though who question whether it’s possible.

It’s not surprising as (what we found) is in contradiction with what we had previously known about Type 1 diabetes. The world’s largest diabetes NGO that’s operating in the UK came to Hungary to see what we are doing, how the clinical work is conducted, and then started a similar programme. Later on a French research team published the same result, though they forgot to mention that they weren’t the first.

How is it possible to reach such results with patients the science of medicine basically gave up on?

We don’t share the previous, mistaken approach. Our biological need-based nutrition developed during the 3 million years of phylogenesis through.To consider the human as an omnivore is a mistake! Diabetology and diethetics is trying to meet people’s psychologic nutritional needs, not the nutrition they biologically need. We need 0 carbohydrates. Animal fat does not lead to being overweight and does not cause sickness. In the case of diabetes, the problem is actually not high blood sugar but the inflammation in the body alongside it. If we consider and solve all this then we can cure 100% of Type 2 diabetic patients in quite a short time. The cost of treatment is only a small percentage of the present one. And the patient is cured definitively.

What is the paleo-ketogenic diet?

The paleo-ketogenic diet considers the millions of years of human evolutional development. It is primarily based on the consumption of animal meats, offal and fats. The ingredients should only come from naturally farmed and healthy animals, so it prefers venison and meat of traditional, chemical-free, farm-free range animals. Offal and marrow have special importance as they contain vitamins and minerals important for human body. Before starting a paleo-ketogenic diet it is recommended to consult an expert, especially if one suffers from some illness.

The motivation…

How did you find the solution? What was your personal motivation during the research?

Dr. Csaba Toth before – after his special diet

Dr. Csaba Toth before – after his special diet

In 2008 I was suffering from multiple illnesses and as a doctor I knew that from there the road was only downwards: medications, side effects, operations, deteriorating health… I didn’t accept it, I started to look for a solution. At first I started paleolithic nutrition and it had some positive results but did not give a perfect solution. I met Dr. Zsofia Clemens, internationally known neurobiologist and neuroresearcher who had had similar experiences with a ketogene diet. The result of our combined experiences and work is the paleo-ketogenic diet, which we are convinced is the only healthy diet. We have since published more than 30 scientific articles on paleo-ketogenic treatment and have been invited to an increasing number of international conferences. But most important is that we are both fine and our patients are also getting cured all over the world. 90 percent of our patients are from outside Hungary and we are able to give consultation on nutritional intervention in six languages.

What is the scientific foundation of this nutritional system?

Dr. Csaba Toth at a medical conference in 2019 Moscow

Dr. Csaba Toth at a medical conference in 2019 Moscow

Our nutritional system does not consider eating as a pleasure. It is only based on what the best fuel for the body is. Our organism is an accurately built ‘machine’, a precision instrument that can tolerate not being run with the right ‘fuel’, but the serious, chronic illnesses show that it cannot continue forever. We have started to detect intestinal permeability together with the researchers of Biolab in the UK, and the results have proven our hypothesis on the causes of sicknesses. We have also published a joint scientific statement on the issue as first in the world. Although the importance of intestinal permeability has been recognised by many, it is only measured at Biolog laboratory in the UK and in our laboratory. It is shocking to know that out of one hundred patients, intestinal permeability to a smaller or larger degree is identifiable in 98 of them. During the paleo-ketogenic diet, our healthy diet cell membranes close. The examination proves this and we always get the same result: by following a paleo-ketogenic diet, intestinal permeability stops and therefore the body inflammation as well.

Healing without borders

Which countries are your patients from, and how can you work during pandemic?

Most of our patients are from the English-speaking countries, from the USA, UK and Australia. We have many German and Scandinavian patients lately and an increasing number of Russians as well. There are subscribers from China, Japan and New Zealand, and we are also contacted from the African continent and the Arab world too. Our nutritional intervention system can be applied without personal interaction. The patient sends us their results, they can get the relevant examination done where they live and we can consult via the internet platforms. We have made the method available for all, but patients with chronic illness or those taking medications will need medical supervision, especially while leaving their medicines.

English member of the crew Natalie Daniels joined Paleomedicina one and half years ago.

The daily paper Metro wrote about her in January. Natalie lived on a meat-free diet for ten years. She decided to stop eating meat in 2009, hoping to became healthier, but even if she ate a lot of fresh vegetables and vitamins, she was feeling weaker and weaker. After starting to have a number of health problems, she decided to try the paleo-ketogenic diet. Now she only eats meat: her favourite is liver, brain, steak, Tartat steaks, raw lamb and pork. After having experienced that the method works perfectly, she wanted to help others and applied to work with Paleomedicina. She enjoys the international atmosphere and has been working with them ever since.

So you managed to get chronic patients off their regular medications?

We have a patient who could stop taking insulin after using it for 10 years, another with Crohn disease who does not need his medication that had serious side effects anymore, and is living without symptoms using the paleo-ketogenic diet. Patients following our system get back their ideal body weight, feel energised and strong and feel as if they have rejuvenated. I have had the same experience, you can compare my photo of 10 years ago to a recent one.

Along with the success, you are also attacked. How do you deal with it?

The biggest and most fundamental error of science is to consider the human race as an omnivore species. Every other mistake and a number of diseases are due to this error. The idea of a paleo-ketogenic diet is as revolutionary as the discovery that the earth is not flat but spherical. It is understandable that diethetics and those who studied the ‘nutritional pyramid’ are reluctant to admit they were wrong. But you can consider something scientific if, given the determined conditions, it can be repeated any time, by anyone, and it will always, reliably lead to the same result. Our method will always give the same result for any person, healing rate is 100%. When we speak about nutrition, the scientific explanation of lowcarb and ketogenic diets will not be possible without us, which is very honouring for us. More and more people want to know and use the paleo-ketogene diet in clinical practice. We have without doubt become one of, if not the most important centre of nutrition intervention. As we are scientifically proven to be right, and it is shown in clinical practice as well, I don’t care about those who don’t understand or don’t want to understand our method.


Dr Csaba Tóth was born in Hungary in 1968. After high school he studied at the Kirov Military Medical Academy in St Petersburg, Russia at the aeromedic department. At the same time he was a research assistant in a biochemistry at a virology institute. He completed his medical studies at the University of Szeged (Hungary) and obtained a degree after three years of study. He worked at ER for five years that included four years at the intensive care unit as well. He was in a high position in different pharmacology companies for the following five years and was working at the internal medicine department of a small town, followed by a general practice. He started researching nutritional intervention in 2010. Together with Dr. Zsofia Clemens, neurobiologist and brain researcher, he developed the paleo-ketogenic diet. In 2013 they founded the Paleomedicina Clinic. Along with his work as a doctor, he is leading researches with his colleagues.


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