Monday 4th December 2023
4th December 2023

About Boast Magazine

Boast Magazine is a premium business, culture and lifestyle magazine in online, print and digital format, published in England, UK.

It offers value-oriented articles on culture, lifestyle and business for those who want to live a content and successful life.

It is about successful people who are proud of their achievements in their fields, such as art, business or science, and who are keen to share their thoughts and experiences with others. The magazine showcases valuable businesses and premium quality products. It brings a sophisticated and quality lifestyle to its readers.

It supports valuable incentives that make our world better, more beautiful and a better place to live in. It focuses on the good things in life.

Boast Magazine is truly unique in the world of media. It is a real oasis, refreshing and relaxing for the mind and spirit.

Among its columns, we find gastronomy, cultural and artistic issues, health, travel, leisure, social and society events, business, lifestyle and interior design.

Introducing our columns:

Dolce vita

Luxury kitchen – Travel – Design & Fashion – Wellness & Beauty – Health

This is a classic but not the usual lifestyle column. Gastronomy, art de cuisine on a high level. What does a maharaja, the Queen or an Arab sheikh eat for dinner? What are the main values of the traditional cuisines? Who are the most well-known chefs? What are the newest trends when it comes to travelling? Who are the most interesting world travellers?

We take you to the most beautiful and extraordinary places you might have never been. In this column, we present you with premium design and fashion brands, stylists, designers, artists, fashion trends and schools as well as inform you of important events from the world of fashion and design. We show you wellness hotels and beauty products and hair stylist stars. In our column, you can get to know the best doctors, private hospitals and get important information on healing and preserving health.

Culture & Art

Literature – Music – Theatre – Scrupture – Architect – Museums – Traditions, Cultural Heritage

Our column on culture and art introduces some outstanding artists and their art from past and present. We take our readers to valuable exhibitions of various fields of art and show you the cultural heritage of European as well as countries far away. We take you to the important events in the world of Architecture and introduce todays most valued architects and their crew. We write reviews on opera, theatre, music and dance and offer a space to aspiring writers and poets.


Start-ups – Property – Business – psychology – Business clubs –
Events and programs

Our business column introduces successful businessmen, enterprises and innovations in the world of business. Let’s see what is worth investing in, showing you start-ups to remember. We go to the best business clubs and to the most important events in the world of business. We follow the latest scientific achievements for an ever successful business.

Future time

Education – Parenting – Literature for children –
Programs with kids

This column is mainly for our readers with a family. Our future is our children. How to educate them, which school to take them in order to help them become a successful and happy adult? We show you the best children literature and events we can attend with our children.

Good spirit

Charity events – Hobbies – Ecofriendlyness – Our soul

This column is about the inner values of our life. What do we need in order to have a really satisfied and rich life? To be good and to do good. This can be manifested in charity actions, spiritual exercises, mindfulness, eco-friendliness and taking care of each other. Our writings help our readers live and lead a high quality life.

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