Tuesday 5th December 2023
5th December 2023

Tailored to glory and happiness


We all dream about a tailor-made job. My next interviewee has got one. Daniel is tailoring itself: the owner and designer of the stylish accessory brand the Tie Supply. Still, this lucky life is driven by the balance and control of challenges and expectations. Daniel shapes our days of fashion as fashion shapes him. A moderate gentleman and a rolling stone of dreams – probably the best combination of success, notable at his young age. As you carry on reading, you will realise why we always choose to wear these sets as our favourite: to steal a spark of his potential.

Daniel. Owner of the Tie Supply.

As far as I know your grandfather inspired you to create your fashion.
Tell us about him, what sort of virtues does he embody to build your business upon?

I appreciate you recognising this in my business. He is my inspiration when it comes to fashion and a lot of my life lessons I live by today. He taught me the value of feeling your best, not just looking your best. Confidence in clothing was such a big thing, not just buying the cheapest item — it is all about the emotion connected to the piece of clothing. He understood what it felt like to get that personal touch for style and built a strong community of fellow fashion enthusiast around him.

When he passed away it was an unimaginable pain, but this is also a strong part of why I want to bring Tie Supply to everyone: I want them to feel the positivity he helped me feel for fashion, through my own fashion.

Atlantis Style Box. Tie Supply

Who else encouraged and supported you at the beginning?

This is a beautiful question and comes with a surprising answer: aside from my close family and best friends who gave me the emotional support early on, it was complete strangers who found Tie Supply and just understood the reason and the message. The company has been operating since December 2019 and from August 2020 until now we have grown more than 1000% — the community is all the encouragement I could ask for.

Are you designing and making at the same time?

I am always designing and creating, this is always the most enjoyable part of the process: finding designs and concepts to show people everything, that makes me smile and gets me excited about the future. In making products, I ensure I find people much smarter and better than me to create them, quality after all is so so important. A sign of a good leader is absolutely one who knows when to delegate and when to create.

Liberty Feminine Style Box. Tie Supply

Do you consider it art shaping a set or product?

It is comparable to art but in my opinion it is shaping a piece of my soul into a product that makes me happy before anything else. If I complete a set or product and I don’t feel excited, I start again. It is important not to settle, we need to truly value what we do in this world, it needs to have a purpose.

Please, guide us into secrets of the process! In what way is your morning different when you wake up with the idea for something new?

The things I am most grateful for are the random moments of inspiration. I could wake up at 2am with a burst of inspiration and design a new product or write a new marketing idea. The biggest thing about being a boss for me means I am the master of my own destiny, I am not forced to create when I am not ready for it. My morning can be calm and uninspiring and yet, the day after, I could create two blogs, package and post orders and complete the week’s admin, it’s a beautiful process.


Tie Supply

Are you following new trends with eyes wide open or even your own path?

I always keep a ‘weather eye’ on what’s going on but a lot of what I do is entirely based upon those feelings my Grandad taught me to pay attention to, hence the new floral design is unlike anther ever done before with vibrant and beautiful greens mixed with golden mustard undertones.

As you state it on your website, thetiesupply.co.uk: suits are dead. What do you think about this peculiar evolution? Where does it go? Does that open new perspectives for you?

The death of the suit (www.thetiesupply.co.uk/suits-are-dead/) was a very fun and informative article to write. It is a beautiful adaptation from the traditional styles in the 1950s and ’60s to present day, we have seen a huge change (partially due to our living environment through the COVID pandemic) to the casual suit and more informal styles, this is exactly what lead to our more versatile lines such as leather card holders, bracelets and other accessory pieces.

Tie Supply

Does your brand refer to any kind of social identity in point of style? Does it hang on age-group or class at all?

Not at all, I feel that if Tie Supply has something that makes you smile, that is the type of customer we want. We have had people from reporters in Argentina to opera singers in Australia choose our products. We are a brand that appreciates quality and does not corner ourselves into a ‘way things are done’ mantra, we believe in setting our own mantra.

How much does your style refer to the social identity of British people? Does it belong to traditions, convention or history in a way?

I feel my style changes every day, led by my inspiration in the moment. I have moments where the styles I wear fuse from shows such as ‘Peaky Blinders’ or ‘Suits’. British style does not feel like such a thing anymore, we represent our individual styles so much more! It is a beautiful move for fashion, where people can be who they truly are.

Tie Supply

What do you consider your trademark beside design and quality?

Oh, the customer relations. We develop new lines based on what the customers ask for! It makes us truly unique as a business: if people want to try something and can’t find something that works for them, we make it happen. That’s a lot of the reason why we developed our female range and the subsequent accessory products which led to our incredible increase in sales.

Have you ever made a piece production for someone not sold officially?

Whenever we hear people asking us for something, we run polls and live streams with everyone to see if they would like us to create something new. This has led to the company’s development and therefore new products. Specific individual requests haven’t ended up being required because we turn it into something available for everyone.

Why is it rewarding to wear the products of Tie Supply?

It is one of the most exciting things for me! After they are designed and created, I always style up in them, partially so I can help people understand how to wear them, but also because it comes down to that emotional connection I mentioned earlier — I love that I can feel how the customers feel!

Is Tie Supply represented in other countries?

Tie Supply is predominantly focused in England. However we have representation in Poland as well and are looking to further expand as time goes on! The future is bright for Tie Supply, I am so in awe of how much this baby has grown already!

Liberty Style Box. Tie Supply

Please, describe your boxes! How are they specific? (photo or collage for illustration)

The idea of the accessory sets is actually so people have diversity and choice in their style. All 5 accessories actually work with each other and can be split, Tie Supply is all about individuality and this concept allows people to be who they are. Our launching product, the Liberty, was actually our first range and uses the power tones of red to highlight the ‘taking control of your life’ vibe. Each box for men and women is there to enhance the outfit and complete their look.

I see you set up a charity contribution for the NHS in the business plan. Are you patriotic or do you feel personally liable to support good courses?

This links to my Dad actually, he is a Paramedic with the NHS and unfairly they aren’t considered an Emergency service by the British Government. I understand the great work they do every day and the lack of financial and emotional support they are given across the country and it hurts knowing that a service to save people isn’t being saved itself. However eventually I would like to find more charities that we can afford to support and help better people’s lives.

Tie Supply

How about future desires? What dream would you like to achieve? Following in grandpa’s track to Italian vogue?

I feel my Grandad had his own path, I wouldn’t wish to follow it but to forge my own, one that he would of course be proud of, but more importantly one that I too would be proud of! My dream is to achieve true happiness in what I do, as owner of Tie Supply, as an actor, and in helping others achieve their dreams too. After all, it isn’t really living unless you are true to you.

Thank you for accepting our hospitality and sharing your fashion and intellect! Our readers will hear about you again in the future! Until then, please, check out the website at tiesupply.co.uk!

/The interview was conducted in March 2021/

Special thanks to Daniel for the photos.

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Name: Daniel
Born: Hastings, England in 1994
Residence: Asten Close, Hastings, East Sussex
Education: A-Levels
Career: Run 3 businesses, Acting and Modelling
Family: Lucky to still have my Mum and Dad in my life.
Hobbies: A variety of hobbies actually keep me sane, combining mental and physical health, running is a big thing for me, alongside weight sessions from home, gaming on the PlayStation and the odd YouTube video!

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